Sarah's Upcoming Performances & Workshops

Nov 3 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Baltimore, MD)

Nov 4 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (York, PA)

Nov 5 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Glenside, PA)

Nov 6 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Red Bank, NJ)

Nov 7 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Scranton, PA)

Nov 8 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Ithaca, NY)

Nov 9 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Boston, MA)

Nov 10 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Boston, MA)

Nov 13 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Wilmington, DE)

Nov 14 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Staten Island, NY)

Nov 15 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Buffalo, NY)

Nov 16 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Toronto, ON)

Nov 17 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Pittsburgh, PA)

Nov 18 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Chicago, IL)

Nov 20 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Fountain Inn, SC)

Nov 22 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Charleston, SC)

Nov 24 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Orlando, FL)

Nov 25 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Nov 27 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Tampa, FL)

Nov 28 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Jacksonville, FL)

Nov 29 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Atlanta, GA)

Dec 1 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Baton Rouge, LA)

Dec 2 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Houston, TX)

Dec 3 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Dallas, TX)

Dec 5 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Austin, TX)

Dec 6 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (San Antonio, TX)

Dec 9 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (San Diego, CA)

Dec 11 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Los Angeles, CA)

Dec 12 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (San Francisco, CA)

Dec 13 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (San Francisco, CA)

Dec 14 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Portland, OR) 

Dec 15 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Seattle, WA)

Dec 16 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Boise, ID)

Dec 17 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Salt Lake City, UT)

Dec 18 - Postmodern Jukebox Tour (Denver, CO)



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Monday Night Tap Experience (M.N.T.E.)


Created by Sarah in October, 2008, The Monday Night Tap Experience (M.N.T.E.) is for tap dancers to hone their teaching and improvisational skills. Each Monday night  features a different teacher, who teaches an intermediate/advanced level class for an hour. After the class, everyone is welcome to participate in a tap jam. All for only $5!

Every Monday Night!
Jam:    7:00-7:30pm 
Class: 7:30-9:00pm

Located at Debbie Allen Dance Academy

3791 Santa Rosalia Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90008